A Hidden Gem in Lima
          Casa Prado, Private Colonial Mansion in Lima


Before the European arrival, Lima was inhabited in small settlements all around the territory.  The best evidence are  the “huacas” which few of them can be visited as of today.  Some of the colonial constructions were built over these previous buildings.  It was then the beginning of a big city that now is surrounding almost 10 million inhabitants. The Spanish conquerors found Lima a good place to establish it as the capital of the Viceroyalty.  Most of the heritage we have from those times are in the Historical Centre and now the heart of the country’s power, meaning the Government Palace, the Congress and most of the ministries are located in this area.   Saying so, several Spanish families lived in the lap of luxury around this area.

During the mid 1600s Lima was growing fast and “solares” or lands where allocated to build properties.  In this opulence and growth, a house now known as Casa Prado was built in what today is Jr. Cuzco.  Several families have occupied this property including direct contacts of the viceroyalty.  During the early years of the Republican Times (mid 1800s), diplomatic personalities also occupied this place.  Years after, it was owned by the Prado family who presided over the government. Today, his descendants are in charge of this hidden gem.

After several years of being closed and with no use, Lima Mentor has made contact in order to open the doors to those visitors who would like to admire and appreciate the value of the history and heritage shown in this place.  All the patios, rooms, lounges, and halls are intact as per the first construction back in the late 1600s or early 1700s, same as the furniture, mirrors, paintings, frames, beds, tables, lamps, and bathrooms.  It is an unmeasurable experience to get into such a home and to get to know details of part of their family such as printed photography or usage of rooms for big parties, part of the Lima rich history.

There are other unnoticed homes like this in Lima.  If you walk and pass by Casa Prado, you would never notice, as you would never imagine how many hidden places can be in the city of Lima.  There are similar houses with this rich heritage and importance as Casa Aliaga, next to the Government Palace and Casa Osambela, next to the Santo Domingo Convent, places that can also be leaded by one of Lima Mentor guides.  The viceroyalty of Lima was one of the richest places in America during the XVI and XVII centuries and there is plenty to show and to recognise.