Gourmet restaurants vs local restaurants in Lima

In Lima we have the honor of having the 5th, 8th and 33th best restaurants in the world.  Should we really have to book one of these to enjoy the great food we offer?

I talk constantly with travelers around the world that visit Lima and book one of these restaurants and I have mixed feedback: half say they where superb and spectacular, 25% of them say it was just fine and 25% rated them as really bad. I consider that a lot of that has to do with their expectations… as if you are aware you are visiting such a high recognized place, then, it should be an amazing experience in food and service.

Please, be aware that all Peruvian chefs have access to all the natural wonders of ingredients we can count on to cook delicious meals without the need of presenting them in a gourmet style.  There are several places in Lima, without need to be in a list, where yo can just stop by and enjoy. A usual tip: check if there are busy tables, an easy proof that it is a good place.

The market is a location where you can get to know the flavours of the several endemic fruits we produce, and to taste them in its natural phase, is wonderful. In Miraflores, if your hotel is around, I suggest: El Pez On and El Punto Azul for seafood and good ceviches. For creole food, I suggest: Las Brujas de Cachiche and Rincon Chami. For sushi and Peruvian-Japanese: Edo Sushi Bar; for Peruvian-Chinese:  Wa Lok… for Peruvian sandwiches and natural juices: La Lucha (in Larcomar and Parque Kennedy in Miraflores)…  if you need more recommendations.. list can be unlimited… explore the city and follow your instinct…

On the other side, if you would like to enjoy the gourmet restaurants in the list, please, book them in advance (month early to your visit). I have visited them as well, and I cannot deny the experience and proposal of each chef was really creative, innovative, elegant, delicious, and wonderful. I am sure I can give more adjectives if I would have more vocabulary.

Bon appetite!