Lima Panamerican Games 2019, what worth to visit?

Who would believe that a few months ago, when there were missing sport camps, some of them not ready yet, some of them just starting to be built just this year and expecting an average of 70,000 visitors including sportsmen, delegations, press, family and others involved in this big event, would be ready gloriously for its inauguration this last July.

It has already been a week and less than a week left and Lima has successfully been hosting several sport events, marathons along several districts of this big city and 19 venues in this big region of Lima (considering beaches for surf activities, river for rafting activities, golf clubs, etc).  All citizens are surprised as several big avenues connecting the venues have been specially designed for a special lane for the participants.  There have been some reports on little mishaps on some routes and staff not really well trained but the general event is being held very well.

All these guests we are having in the capital of Peru, I am sure, would love to learn and experience the important attractions that can be offered, once the excitement of dedication of commitment in the different disciplines have been gone.

If you have a short time and would love to experience the best, Lima Mentor, as an expert operator, best travel agency and fan of Lima, we highly suggest these tours in Lima:

A 3-hour excursion to the Historic Centre of Lima to appreciate the impressive architecture and learn from the viceroyalty times of Peru. This short tour, as we call it, Cultural City Tour of Lima, focus on the most important monuments and pay a visit to one of its convents and hidden spots in the area.

A 4-hour excursion would focus in the Larco Museum, an impressive private collection of only Precolombian artifacts located in a private and cozy mansion combined with a time in the Historic Centre.

A 8-hour culinary tour would take you to the market to taste the most important flavors of the city, its main endemic fruits and other products, visit the Chinatown, that has given so many influence in our gastronomy, visit a chef to learn how to make ceviche, and finally enjoy the bohemian district of Barranco with its bars, graffitis, and ocean views.

A 9-hour excursion would take you to the most important sites in a chronological visit of our history, including Pachacamac, an important Inca oracle, lunch in Barranco, the Historic Centre and finally the modern Magic Park Water with a show of lights and Peruvian music.

We can also arrange tailor made tours considering your interests and what you are missing. Some attractions that you may visit in your own time and are easy to explore: Parque del Amor with ocean views in Miraflores, the Larcomar Mall offering handicrafts, restaurants and entertainment also with ocean views, the Huaca Pucllana, an archaeological remain in the heart of Miraflores, the MALI museum offering a collection of Precolombian, colonial and contemporary art, among other attractions.