Riots in Peru… Part of Peruvian Culture?


July is still affected by several riots, manifestations, strikes, disorder… originated by teachers from public schools and also from doctors from public hospitals… Demands and complaints are valid for those who feel that the government is not supporting them nor fullfilling their promises.

These events are not new. Every year or every other year we experience this. In Peru we are not yet realizing how important are the teachers for a good education or the doctors for healthy children and population.  And we, the people working in tourism, have to deal every year in changing programs, re-organizing itineraries, deleting everything to arrange it all again… not to tell all the costs involved in the destructions that these people are originating.

There are travellers with very good mood about changes and who have the positive energy in just saying that it is part of the adventure; but of course, some of the travellers feel the discomfort of awaking earlier to go the train station before the protestants block the roads and rails.  Different moods can be felt after waiting for more than 5 hours at a station to try catch the train if these people allow it. Guides and those facing the trip arrangements have to deal with very positive attitude and compensate in unimaginable ways….
After working in tourism for more than 20 years, this is so familiar to me… and to tell the truth, I have seen much more travellers with good attitude than those complaining. I would not like to send a message that we will like to continue in this unfairness.  Every citizen in each region should know and realise what is best for their community and I am pretty sure, they know that while they are demanding something, they are damaging their own community.  Peru is a country that is still developing in several ways.  We all hope that for good, the circumstances improve.
For those planning a trip to Peru, be prepared in experiencing a strike, or some time waiting, or some last minute change, or walk during a couple of miles from airport to your hotel.  Our tip: bring with you your flexibility and adventurous part : )  Just a thing that should be clear, here you are safe.  Either your trip to Peru with or without changes in your itinerary, you will feel the Peru flavour.