The year 2020 and Tourism in Peru

While nobody could believe what a strange year this could be, tourism has hold strong, with faith and hope. In Peru, our international air boundaries were strictly closed since March 15, 2020, and things immediately went to nothing, well indeed, during the weeks after, several travel agencies helped in the arrangements so travelers can go back to their homes safely.  Some months went by and some could just think that it would take a couple of months, but things went from bad to worse, making the situation feeling eternal.

After a couple of months, several friends in tourism started working in different other industries, trying to start a new way of life to generate income. Some others keep up in tourism by designing new routes, new prices, new markets, new packages, new offers and so on trying to attract and keep alive the joy of tourism.

International air routes restarted in October, that is, seven months without international flights, cutting down a big industry in Peru. Tourism in Peru is the fourth economy after mining, fishing and agronomy.  Thus, a big portion of families were out of their regular income, which was hard, in fact, still hard to overcome the situation.  Anyway, right after international flights restarted, some activity tourism began, of course, we just want to keep alive that dream and still have the joy to share Peru to the world.

We are starting a new year, and even we didn’t share any post during 2020, we were always on the loop, surviving and creating new ways, like, we started by designing virtual tours offering online shopping via which was so great to start with.  We closed the 2020 by making one unique real tour on December 29th, after exactly 9 months and a half.  And now new challenges like to face up to the fact that the Government just stated that all international visitors arriving in Peru after January 4th should make mandatory quarantine for 14 days, making another pause in tourism.

Anyway, there are always challenges in our lifes, but the important thing, is that we always learn and improve our ways of living. Let us keep healthy and enthusiastic.