Visit Northern Peru where you will encounter beaches, archaeological sites, history, natural protected areas and great cuisine. You will be able to learn several aspects from the Moche culture which ruled much of northern Peru for centuries, and exciting discoveries are still being made.

Your journey includes El Brujo (resting place of Señora de Cao who lived around year 450 AD), Chan Chan (the largest mud-brik citadel of the pre-Hispanic era, a UNESCO site), the Huacas of the Sun and the Moon (impressive pyramids built for ceremonial purposes); and the Royal Tombs of Sipan in Chiclayo, offering a fascinating insight into the history of the Moche people, housing some of the best exhibition rooms in the world.

You will also visit natural protected areas like Pomac, Forest Historical Sanctuary, a rare dry equatorial forest with one of the oldest carob tree forests in the world.

You will stay in an ecolodge where you will visit the Spectacled Bear Rescue Center, the herpitarium and walk a system of trails to have a great opportunity for bird-watching.

Finally, you will visit the city of Trujillo, the beach of Huanchaco, offering a year-round warm climate, here, many Moche cultural practices are still very much alive today and “Caballitos de Totora”, reed watercrafts used by the Moche people for fishing, are now used to surf the waves.

You will enjoy the popular and tasty “ceviche” which combines freshly caught fish and seafood mixed with Spanish onions, lemon juice, and a touch of chili pepper offering the perfect taste of Peru along the Moche Route.

We can tailor made this tour and adjust the price depending on the number of participants.

  • *You can cancel the tour up to 12 hours before without cancellation fees.
  • *Children under 12 have 50% discount
  • *On Main Holidays: January 1st, Holy Thursday, Holy Friday, May 1st, July 28, July 29, December 24, December 25, December 31 have an additional cost of 50%.
  • Quote your tour now! Just send us a message, we will contact you as soon as possible.

Quote your tour now! Just send us a message, we will contact you as soon as possible.


    Day 0

    Catch a late afternoon or evening flight to Trujillo (after your visit of Lima or make a flight connection from any other city). Once you arrive, guide will meet you and bring you to the hotel.  Overnight hotel in Trujillo.   

    Day 1

    At the time you prefer you will start the journey by visiting Huaca del Sol y La Luna, an adobe brick temple built by the Moche civilization. It is decorated with elaborate red and gold geometric designs, colours that have lasted this long. You will briefly visit The Sense Garden, where blind people feel and smell flowers: a experience to calm down and concentrate and your senses. Back to Trujillo to visit the Plaza Mayor, the Catedral and some colonial mansion. Overnight hotel in Trujillo.

    Day 2

    Visit Chan Chan, a Pre-Colombian archaeological site built by the Chimu around AD 850. It is estimated that around 30,000 people lived here. You will then move to the beach of Huanchaco where you will find the ancient ships called “”Caballitos de Totora””, which were originally built during the Mochica and Chimu cultures and are still in use. Drive to El Brujo, where a well-preserved tattooed mummy of a young woman has been discovered. The 1,500-year-old mummy may shed new light on the mysterious Moche culture. Transfer to Chiclayo (3-hour drive). Overnight hotel in Chiclayo.

    Day 3

    Visit the museum of Sican and visit the National Park of Pomac.  Lunch in Eco Lodge Huaca de la Piedra. Visit to the site of Tucume: museum and look out on Pyramids.  Overnight hotel in Chiclayo.

    Day 4

    Drive to Huaca Rajada or the Sipan site where the Sipan tomb was founded, transfer onto Chaparri Ecolodge. This lodge is within the 36,412 hectare private conserved area.  It was established in 2000 by a local community to protect their natural resources and provide a sustainable source of income. The reserve hosts diferente bird species, mammals (spectacled bears, sechuran foxes, pampas cats, among others), reptiles, and amphibians. Today you may walk some of the trails in the lodge. Overnight Chaparri Ecolodge. Full board.

    Day 5

    Watching the humming birds having showering a small pool. Morning to enjoy your time in the ecolodge. Transfer back to Chiclayo. Lunch in the gourmet Fiesta restaurant and onto the town of Lambayeque where you will visit the most impressive museum in Peru: Royal Tombs of  Sipan. Transfer to catch the evening flight back to Lima.
    Nature and Archaeology in The Moche Route
    Man looking at archaeology in The Moche Route
    Nature in the Moche Route