Horse Riding & Pachacamac

A journey through the Lurin Valley outside the metropolitan Lima area, where you’ll have the opportunity to ride a Peruvian Paso Horse, a breed widely known as the best saddle horse, because of its smooth ride and elegant pace.

Full Day Walking in the Historic Center of Lima

Enjoy a full day exploring every corner of the Historic Centre of Lima, world heritage by UNESCO. Enter historical houses, visit colonial convents, visit markets, parks and museums.

Magical Water Circuit & Peruvian Dances

You will observe a unique show of lights and music in this park, included in the Guiness Book of Records as the largest fountain complex in the world where. Finally, enjoy a buffet with the best of Peruvian Food while watching a show of Peruvian native dances.

Sustainable Tour

A tour to learn the how the immigrants are making their economic growth in the big capital of Lima. Let's share with them a productive morning.

Real Felipe & La Punta, Callao Monumental

Visit El Callao: one of the first city walls during the colonial times now turn into a military museum and the neighborhood of the old part of the province of Callao, urban art and exclusive gastronomy is how they would like to grow economically.

Half day Islas Palomino

Excursion to the Palomino Islands in the coast of Callao to visit a large community of sea lions. Chance to swim with them.

Full Day Caral, Huaura & Lomas de Lachay

A 12-hour program to visit the most ancient civilisation in the Americas. You will also visit a natural protected area, Lomas de Lachay, to enjoy a wonderful picnic time.

Full day: Nazca Lines, Huacachina & Vineyards

A 12-hour program to overfly the enigmatic Nazca Lines, visit the Huacachina Oasis, visit the wineyards and the Regional Museum of Ica.

Pisco, the Pride of Peru

Learn about Pisco which is obtained from the distillation of fine grapes. Learn how to make the famous Pisco Sour cocktail and Chilcanos.

The Art & Science of Coffee

An experience for the senses in charge of the experts at the most recognized coffee place in Lima: Tostaduria Bisetti.