Lima Mentor is Peru’s foremost provider of tours specializing in the City of Lima — its sights, its history, its culture and its tastes. We have created unique tours enabling you, the visitor, to experience the best this thriving city. And if you do not see exactly what you want in our menu, we will be happy to customize the ideal tour for you and your party. We also design great itineraries throughout Peru and South America.

Our tour guides have been carefully chosen to ensure that your experience in Lima will be unique. Our Tour Directors are professionals who know our history, architecture, art, gastronomy, and literature and have a specific interest in our heritage in order to give the best experience in Lima, and will be assigned according to your interests and profile.

We offer good value. Our costs have been carefully budgeted in order to offer a good product at a competitive price in the market.

We are constantly working on improving our tours.

We are constantly looking for new and alternate routes.

If there is any inconvenience or misunderstanding whatsoever linked to our services, we will acknowledge the situation and rectify it accordingly.

We have CLEAN ENVIRONMENT policies by (1) creating a shared city tours allowing one transportation for several parties, (2) recycling all the plastic bottles and (3) offering a big supplier of water in our vans so guests can take their sport bottles for refilling.

We have over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, dealing with the most discerning clientele.

Our Team

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Our Guides

Lima Mentor Tour Guide Vanessa


Born in Lima, 1977. My interest for history and culture led me to study to become a tourist guide. Since 2004, I started my career as free lance doing initially tours in Lima, and eventually I worked as a Tour conductor mainly in the southern region of Perú, including traditional destinations and as well, the North coast of Perú. I provide guiding services to prestigious and experienced travel companies and boutique travel agencies. Currently most of the times my guided visits are in English being the travelers mainly from the United States and United Kingdom. I love to travel to know more about different cultures, my destinations covered include Mexico, Argentina, Costa Rica and Brazil where I lived for some months. I have also been involved in research and investigation of ancient techniques of weaving, orchids and birdwatching.

Lima Mentor Tour Guide Ada


I am Ada Elguera Romero, I was born in Cusco and currently living in Lima. I studied English at the University of Central Florida (UCF) and Stetson University in Deland, Florida. After graduating as an English teacher, I worked as a teacher for three years. I am also graduated in Law School, but, I must admit, my heart wasn’t in it. I grew up seeing my mother guide in Cusco, listening to her fantastic stories about the Inca Empire. I remember feeling full of pride and thinking that was what I wanted to do, so I decided to follow my heart and I went back to school to get a degree as a tour guide. I have travelled to Chile, Argentina, Dominican Republic, and France, and US. I truly love travelling, meeting new people and learning from them. I have been working in tourism for more than 10 years. I love my job because I get to share the wonders of my country: the vibrant spirit of Lima, colorful Andean towns, and the irresistible beauty of the Amazon rainforest.

Lima Mentor Tour Guide Rodrigo


Born and raised in Lima, Peru. I have been performing as professional tour leader and Peruvian history interpreter for 10 years in English, Portuguese and Spanish. I enjoy every new tour as a first experience by showing Lima’s contrast to visitors and outlining how multicultural is Peru. One of my first experiences in tourism was guiding in the first expositions of the archaeological project CARAL “the oldest civilization in the Americas” at the Museo de la Nacion. After doing a few tours for some months in Lima, I thought to cross the borders and enrolled in the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, working with mainly British and American guests as an assistant waiter. That was a great experience to learn how important is the Peruvian culture and gastronomy. I am back again in Lima offering the best to all guests! My favorite topics are food and medical plants, art, music, archaeo-astronomy, architecture. My favorite phrase: work where you love, love where you work!