A New Tourism Ahead – Enjoying and Learning from our World

The year 2021 started with very annoying news.  The famous coronavirus is having a new strain and again lockdowns and restrictions are being held in different parts of the world. Here in Peru, those who have been working in tourism were really enthusiastic about this starting year, believing seriously that this new year would be better, although after that kind of news, we are now so concerned and disturbed of how we can keep surviving if things are getting worse.

Definitely a new world order begun several months ago, a new way of life, with different targets and life priorities.  Now, I can not think that the world will be back just like the way it was.  Every one of us is learning this process and each of us should start thinking of how we can change the world for better, as far as I can understand, this is happening because we need to do something different.

Probably a new route, a new way of traveling, a new tourism, a new job, task, education, care, etc. Each one from its role can dream about it. Let us dream of a new tourism: (1) Affordable air fares, like we are having now; (2) Reduced number of travelers in each group so that each of the participants enjoy and learn appropriately; (3) Respecting each other’s space and taking care of everybody’s health; (4) Explore new destinations and set the profits to the communities visited; (5) Give a new value to local art and handicrafts; (6) Learn and enjoy the nature of our world by visiting and giving back to protected reserved areas ; (7) make businesses with local entrepreneurs, and so on, we can keep adding more dreams for a new world and new way of tourism that can be ahead of us.

The road ahead is tough and long and we must take one day at a time to scrutinize what would be better, on how we will act and add to this new world where we would need to look after our home and after each other as persons.